The Body Electric interview with Nathan Hiltz

In this episode of Nathan’s podcast, we discuss everything from the merits of fiberglass flyrods to Sonny Greenwich and spirituality in music. We even do some remote playing using Jamulus software. Either of these links should work.

Telecaster from 200 Year Old Red Spruce into a Revox A77 Open Reel

I recently had my old open reel Revox A77 serviced with the intention of selling it, but after hearing how good the fidelity was, I’ve decided to keep it and start using it. It’s a 1/4 inch 2 track machine, meaning that it uses 1/4 inch tape and has two tracks. It’s also referred to […]

Is Old Technology More Interesting Than New?

Someone on one of the Gretsch guitar forums that I belong to recently posted the question of whether or not old technology is more interesting than new. As a disclaimer, I must confess to being somewhat of an enigma when it comes to technology. For instance, I use solid state pedals in front of my […]