The Rasp Man Cometh

From time to time I like to post tunes that are still in the works and some non-musical projects. In that regard, this page serves as a blog, of sorts.

A while back I started building wooden bridges for archtop jazz guitars, mostly because I needed one and out of curiosity about the tonal character of different types of wood. After ruining a few in the process of carving, a couple emerged that were not half-bad; one Brazilian rosewood and an ebony one that is now on my 1960 Gretsch 6124. This one, in the final stages of completion, is for a friend who wanted a bridge that would provide accurate intonation with a wound 3rd string and improve the sound of his old Gibson L5. It is made from a very dense form of ebony called African blackwood.


the beginning

the rasp man cometh